Heavy on execution,
light on fluff.

Empathy, expertise and execution - our core values are deeply woven into our development process. We’ll partner with you to analyze, design, develop, launch and optimize, using proven platforms and modern technologies.

Our Process

Proven and Streamlined

We dive deep into your business

This begins with the very first consultation meeting we have with you, and continues throughout the entire project. After we have a clear understanding of the pain points that need to be addressed, we’ll kick things off with a technical audit to align with dependencies.

  • Empathy & expertise
  • Research & strategy
  • Establish priorities

We create intuitive experiences for your end users

We’ll collaborate with your subject matter experts to design user experiences that drive the actions your business needs. Whether the goal is efficiency, conversion, or engagement, we’ll conceptualize and iterate until we’ve hit the mark.

  • User flows & priority guides
  • Wireframes & mockups
  • Asset gathering

We build, integrate and test to ensure reliability

Our development teams are small, focused and full-stack, allowing frontend, backend, integration and testing efforts to be in sync and transparent. You’ll have an established point of contact to keep your team’s stakeholders in the loop throughout the entire process.

  • Servers & infrastructure
  • Databases & ETL
  • Web services & APIs

We educate, launch and support

Once we’re feature complete, we’ll set up time to train your project owners on all functionality, providing any necessary documentation in the process. You’ll then have time to gather final feedback from key stakeholders on your team, with the goal of getting a green light for launch.

  • Training & documentation
  • User acceptance
  • Rollout & pilot tests

We maintain, analyze and adjust

You’ve launched your new product, but the work isn’t done. We will help you maintain the solution, evaluate ongoing feedback, and adjust to the ever-changing needs of your organization.

  • Technical support
  • Hosting & maintenance
  • Analytics & optimization

Design & development support that
continues long after launch

Our approach is designed to help you create the right product, but we know from experience that this is an ongoing effort. Our clients typically elect to have us maintain their software, and this is when we can get to work on identifying ways to optimize and evolve.

Burkson approach diagram
C# / .NET
+ More
React / Vue

Integrated or

We sometimes joke that we’re technology agnostic - in other words, we don’t stick to a single technology stack for every project we tackle. Every engineer has their preferences, of course, but we firmly believe that a client’s goals and existing infrastructure should guide the selection of languages and platforms. We are experts at bridging gaps between systems, and designing new infrastructure from scratch.







Solutions for All Screens

The explosion of mobile devices was one of the driving forces in our expansion from just developing our own products, to developing custom solutions for others. Whether you’re talking about a marketing website, or an internal tool, users expect to be able to access information via any device. Every website we build is responsive, and we are big fans of cross-platform hybrid apps as a way to streamline development and make long-term maintenance easier for our clients.

Burkson devices diagram

Most agencies are great at telling
you the things they can build.

We’re actually great at building them.