Audi Academy App

The Challenge

All companies have to ensure their employees are well-trained and meet the requirements of the job. So often training takes the form of a checklist - read this PDF, complete this web-based training and go to this class - that must be completed by each employee. Starting in 2015, Audi decided to take a different approach. The new goal: put all of the company’s training material into the hands of each user, allowing them to guide their own learning process as they prepare for annual certifications. Audi asked our team to help them realize this goal.

Training materials spread out over multiple repositories

Difficult to access content from mobile devices

Little user agency in shaping own learning priorities

Platform Features

Content Management

  • Resource & Model libraries
  • PDF, video, HTML5, quizzes & surveys
  • Offline content availability

User Management

  • MDM authentication
  • Role-based privileges
  • Custom user groups


  • Quiz score submission to LMS
  • Distribution of other Audi apps
  • Messaging and push notifications


In collaboration with the Audi Academy, we designed and developed an iPad application that elegantly packaged all of their training content to serve as the focal point of their new approach to training. Our first step was to collaborate with their team leads to plan out a detailed Phase 1 requirements list, as well was some ideas of what might come in future phases.

Once everyone was on board with these priorities, we set to work designing the UI. We went through multiple iterations of designs, experimenting with different forms of in-app navigation and ways of representing the brand. The final result offered users several different options for browsing content: a Resource Library with filters and content descriptions, and a Model Library, which was specifically focused on vehicle-related content. The Model Library was designed to provide a more visual experience, in the event that the app was used with a customer.

Core backend services were being built while the UI was being designed. Once the mockups were approved, we built out the frontend, and then started connecting all of the pieces together. Additionally, the app was integrated with Audi’s existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, giving the organization full, automated control over authentication and user management.


The Audi Academy app launched successfully nationwide, and was well received by both dealership and internal employees. After garnering initial feedback, we continued to work with Audi on subsequent development phases, releasing new features and updates to the app. This multi-phase approach also allowed them to make adjustments to scope as business goals and priorities changed over time.

Audi Academy project outcomes

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