Pre-Approve Me

The Challenge

The act of buying a new home can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Pre-Approve Me set out to change this by creating a revolutionary platform that streamlines the lending experience and makes it easy for the lender, broker and buyer to all coordinate throughout the duration of the purchase.

Pre-Approve Me had already launched an initial version of their product to a very positive reception. However, they were struggling from a technology standpoint.

Performance and stability issues

Slow development cycles

Unoptimized user experience

Poorly architected database

Platform Features


  • Easy loan management
  • Flexible qualification rules
  • Automated milestones


  • Cross-platform
  • Advanced loan calculators
  • Instant document uploads

Branding &

  • Dynamic document templates
  • Branded emails and interface
  • Custom loan programs


We knew the first needed step was to iron out some kinks with the live product. We began by gaining a thorough understanding of their existing platform architecture, and then moved into maintenance and optimization services to improve the experience for existing customers. This involved completely refactoring many systems within their code base, overhauling their database structure to optimize data access, and improving the hosting infrastructure to increase performance, security and stability.

Once the live product was stabilized, we started planning the next version of the platform. After collaborating with the business owners on an initial research and discovery phase, to put it simply, we overhauled everything. We rebased them onto more mainstream and modern technologies, reduced maintenance cost by consolidating their codebase and improved performance and security by rewriting their application services from scratch. These technology changes were accompanied by a complete redesign of their application UI, which put an emphasis on reducing confusion and streamlining the user experience.

Lastly, our team tackled the issue of migrating their existing customers and data to the new platform. This was made especially difficult because we needed to migrate active users to a new mobile application, new API and new web interface while ensuring any data acquired by the old platform during this process was accessible via the new platform as well. We were able to accomplish this with virtually no down time for customers and 0 data loss.


The new Pre-Approve Me product launch was a resounding success. Not only did they receive praise from existing customers for the new interface, increased performance and enhanced functionality, we also observed benefits with new customers via significantly reduced friction during the on-boarding process. The new platform was setup from day one to offer a much better foundation for future development which will continue to pay dividends as the Pre-Approve Me team further enhances their product.

Increased scalability and security

Full-featured platform API

Improved, user-friendly interface

Adherence to compliance standards

Pre-Approve Me project outcomes

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