Wheel Pros Web Redesign

The Challenge

Wheel Pros wanted to overhaul their collection of websites to provide a better presentation for each brand, a more effective user experience, and direct-to-consumer eCommerce. They knew they needed a partner to make it happen, but ultimately wanted to create something that they could manage and maintain in-house over the long term.

After an initial consulting phase, we designed a single site for them to review. After seeing the results of this first step, they laid down a challenge...could we tackle 11 sites for them in under a year?

Poor mobile user experience

Conflicting user pathways and calls to action

Manually controlled off-site eCommerce shop

Out of line with SEO best practices

Inconsistent analytics integrations

Performance and stability issues

Platform Features


  • Unique brand experiences
  • Modular and customizable
  • Search, filters and visualization


  • Integrated data feeds
  • Product configuration
  • Custom checkout flow


  • Load-balanced hosting via AWS
  • Custom cache layers
  • Automatic failover and backups


We expanded our assigned team, and in the course of a single year, designed and built 11 responsive websites for Wheel Pros’ family of brands. Competing user pathways and calls-to-action were consolidated and optimized to help users quickly find relevant products. The browsing process was augmented with interactive features, such as the ability to view a wheel at multiple sizes and offsets, and visualize a wheel on the customer’s vehicle.

We deployed a new, robust server infrastructure, architected using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve reliability and handle increasing traffic. Our team consulted with several departments to determine which CMS and e-commerce platforms would be best for the organization’s current and future needs, balancing technical capabilities and performance with ease-of-use and familiarity. We collectively decided that Wordpress and WooCommerce were the ideal fit. By combining best practice implementation for these technologies with custom integrations, we were able to automate the management of product data, and support key UX functions like vehicle selection, product filtering and finding the nearest dealer.

Finally, we wanted to ensure that Wheel Pros had the tools in place to support site optimization moving forward. Google Analytics and Tag Manager, along with SEO tools, were integrated with each site. We created a number of custom events to help track engagement with key processes and important CTAs.


After a successful, staggered rollout of all 11 sites, Wheel Pros has seen drastically improved site stability across the board. The organization now has a robust web platform on which to optimize and add new sites. Their marketing team has been able to take over the majority of content updates, while our team has continued to provide technical maintenance and support services.

  • Significantly improved site and server stability
  • Full control of all content and product data feeds
  • Modularly designed UI for easy customization
  • Streamlined future site deploys with Docker, Wordpress and AWS
Looking at the organization’s central site, wheelpros.com, we were also able to see improvements two months after launch.

WheelPros Web Redesign project outcomes

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